Teeth whitening

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What is teeth whitening with the overlay method?

A healthy, white smile is the best business card of every person – it adds beauty, self-confidence and facilitates establishing relationships. And although few people can boast of naturally white teeth, there are methods to significantly improve the aesthetics of the teeth. At the Baltic Ortho Clinic, we offer our patients safe and effective teeth whitening using the overlay method. Contact us and check what it’s all about!

The color of teeth is an individual issue that depends on both external and internal (environmental) factors. The shade of teeth is mostly influenced by genetics – in a small percentage of people they are perfectly white, much more often the teeth have a yellowish, beige or slightly gray shade. Teeth also turn yellow with age, and their color may be negatively affected by diseases (e.g. liver and digestive system) and medications (e.g. tetracycline antibiotics). However, it must not be forgotten that tooth discoloration can also be the result of improper oral hygiene, drinking large amounts of coffee, tea and red wine, as well as frequent consumption of coloring foods (beets, grapes, blueberries).

There is no doubt that healthy, white teeth are a huge asset for every person. They subtract years and add beauty, improve self-esteem and make it easier to establish private and professional relationships. Thanks to the achievements of modern dentistry, it is possible to effectively improve the appearance of teeth, removing even deep discolorations. Among the available whitening methods, at the Baltic Ortho Clinic, we offer patients safe and effective teeth whitening using the overlay method. It allows you to whiten your teeth by several shades during a dozen or so days of home treatment, and the effects last up to two years.


Teeth whitening using the overlay method is a procedure that the patient performs alone at home, but under the constant supervision of an experienced team of specialists from the Baltic Ortho Clinic. What stages does it consist of?


You come to our clinic for an initial visit. The dentist conducts a basic examination of the oral cavity – it must be remembered that teeth whitening using the overlay method is performed only in patients with cured caries and without periodontal inflammation. Professional hygienization is also recommended.

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If your teeth and periodontium are healthy, the dentist takes impressions of your maxilla and mandible. On their basis, silicone overlays are prepared, ideally suited to the anatomical structure of your mouth. You also receive a whitening preparation in the form of a gel.


The dentist teaches you how to fill the overlays with gel, how to put them on and take them out of the mouth, you learn how long you have to use them and what symptoms may accompany the teeth whitening process with the overlay method.

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Depending on individual indications, overlays are used for 7 to 10 days, usually at night. If there are no disturbing symptoms, you do not have to visit the clinic for a check-up at this time.


After a 10-day treatment, your teeth are brighter by several shades. Remember, however, that teeth whitening using the overlay method works only on natural tooth tissues – fillings, veneers or prosthetic crowns will not be whitened. The dentist may therefore suggest replacing them with brighter ones, so that the whitening effects are truly spectacular. The treatment is carried out not earlier than after about 10 days from the end of the whitening cycle, when the new color of the teeth is already fixed.

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Teeth whitening with overlay method is an excellent proposition for people who want to perform the procedure at home, but under the strict supervision of a dentist. What are the benefits of the treatment?

  • Within a few to a dozen or so days, you get clear results of teeth whitening by several shades – your smile becomes prettier, more radiant, and the whole face regains a younger look.
  • Although some patients experience temporary tooth hypersensitivity during whitening with overlay method, the symptoms are much less severe and more short-lived than with other whitening methods.
  • Depending on individual predispositions, the effects of teeth whitening using the overlay method last up to two years. For the best results, it is recommended to use the so-called white diet for the duration of the treatment and for several days after its completion.
  • Teeth whitening using the overlay method does not damage the enamel – modern whitening preparations contain oxidants that break up discoloration without mechanical interference in the enamel.


Do you want to regain a beautiful, snow-white smile? It’s possible – and within a dozen or so days! Contact us and arrange a visit at a convenient time! Specialists from Baltic Ortho Clinic will help you in a spectacular metamorphosis of your smile!

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