Aesthetic Dentistry

pacjentka sprawdzająca efekty leczenia w naszej klinice stomatologicznej

What is aesthetic dentistry?

Teeth are exposed to many different factors that can adversely affect their appearance. Fortunately, there are effective ways to improve the aesthetics of the smile, thanks to which the patient regains self-confidence. Aesthetic dentistry makes it possible – at Baltic Ortho Clinic we offer a range of modern aesthetic treatments. We invite you!

More and more patients realize that a healthy, aesthetic smile is an asset both in private and professional life – nice teeth add self-confidence in interpersonal relationships, contribute to higher self-esteem, they are the best showcase of every person. For this reason, in recent years, patients have been increasingly interested in aesthetic dentistry, i.e. procedures that can not only treat teeth, but also improve their appearance, correct shape, reduce discoloration, etc.


At the Baltic Ortho Clinic, we offer our patients modern aesthetic dentistry treatments, thanks to which the appearance of teeth in people of all ages can be significantly improved. Of course, each treatment is preceded by an initial consultation, during which the dentist checks the patient's oral health and selects treatments best suited to his/her needs.


ICON is a treatment on the border of aesthetic and conservative dentistry, which allows the treatment of superficial caries, not exceeding about 1/3 of the outer layer of the dentin (also known as decalcification) and the removal of white spots on the enamel that are a symptom of it, disturbing the aesthetics of the dentition. In addition, thanks to the ICON treatment, it is possible to eliminate discoloration caused by mechanical injuries, taking certain medications (e.g. tetracycline antibiotics) and fluorosis. The treatment consists in removing superficial, discolored tooth tissues with a special substance and covering the treatment area with ICON preparation containing composite resin. This allows the dentin to be closed against cariogenic bacteria, inhibits the development of the disease and removes carious stains, which improves the appearance of the tooth. Due to the low invasiveness of the procedure, it is painless and does not require anesthesia.

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zabieg stomatologiczny


Bonding is one of the most popular aesthetic dentistry procedures, which involves the use of modern composite materials in order to rebuild small damages and reduce minor aesthetic irregularities of the teeth, e.g. cracks, cosmetic chipping of tooth crowns, mask discolorations and close small gaps between the teeth. Bonding is a procedure that is usually performed during one visit. The doctor first cleans the surface of the tooth, gently etches it, and then applies a composite material that matches the natural color of the teeth as closely as possible. The whole is cured with a lamp – bonding is a short-term treatment that gives almost immediate effects.


Composite veneers are thin flakes of special dental materials that are cemented to the front surfaces of the teeth, thanks to which it is possible, for example, to mask discoloration, protect enamel cracks, rebuild minor chips, improve the shape of the tooth or lengthen it. “Traditional” composite veneers are attached to the teeth using the indirect method, which means that the entire treatment requires at least two visits to the dentist’s office. During the first one, the doctor slightly grinds the tooth and takes an impression, which is then sent to the prosthetic laboratory, where the technician prepares a veneer perfectly matched to the anatomical structure of the patient’s mouth. During the second visit, the veneer is cemented to the front surface of the tooth. If proper hygiene is maintained, composite veneers retain their functional and aesthetic properties for many years.

wybielanie zębów - sprawdzenie odcieni
zęby po wybielaniu


Reconstructions using the flow injection method are a modern, quick way to rebuild teeth in a corrected position, refreshed color or new shape. The treatment allows for the correction of visible cracks, irregularities on the tooth surface, discoloration and gaps between the teeth. In the first stage, a design and silicone splints are prepared based on a traditional or digital impression. Next, the doctor prepares the tooth surface in order to obtain the proper quality of the connection between the tissues and the restorative material. In the final stage, with the use of previously prepared splints, the liquid composite is injected onto the previously prepared tooth and cured using a lamp. Compared to traditional composite veneers, reconstructions using the flow injection method do not require tooth grinding and allow for a quick, comfortable metamorphosis of the smile.


Modern cosmetic dentistry is a response to the growing expectations of patients who want not only to take care of the health of their teeth, but also to enjoy a nice-looking smile. Contact us and make an appointment at a time convenient for you – our specialists will prepare a treatment plan tailored to your needs!

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