pacjentka podczas zabiegu stomatologicznego

What is endodontics?

Endodontics – or root canal treatment – is a method of treating teeth with pulp infections. Until recently, extractions were performed in such situations, and endodontic treatment allows to save teeth with an infected pulp. At Baltic Ortho Clinic, we offer patients endodontic treatment under a microscope – more effective, precise and safe.

The pulp is a very strongly innervated tissue that fills the chamber and canals of the teeth from the inside. If, as a result of various factors – e.g. deep caries or mechanical trauma – the pulp is infected by bacteria, its volume becomes larger, which causes pressure on the nerves inside it. The patient feels it as a very strong, piercing pain, often preventing normal functioning.

Just a few to a dozen or so years ago, teeth with pulp infections were most often qualified for extraction. Now, however, they can be effectively treated – thanks to modern endodontics, i.e. root canal treatment.

Until recently, root canal treatment required the patient to make several visits to the dentist’s office. It was necessary to devitalize (i.e. poison) the dental pulp, remove it from the root canals, thoroughly clean, disinfect and fill them. Due to the fact that root canals are built very differently, are located in hard-to-reach places and have unusual branches, “traditional” endodontic treatment was often a challenge for the dentist, with the risk of complications and errors.

Contemporary endodontics, however, uses all possible technological achievements. One of them are specialized microscopes that allow the dentist to work in multiple magnification. Microscopic endodontics is included in the offer of our Baltic Ortho Clinic, and its application brings many benefits to patients!

  • Working in magnification gives the doctor much better visibility of the treatment area. He can very precisely remove the infected pulp, clean and fill the root canals.
  • Microscopic endodontics lowers the risk of complications. Thanks to the use of microscopes, the risk of perforating the canal wall or leaving a fragment of a broken tool inside it is reduced.
  • In the vast majority of cases, endodontic treatment under a microscope can be performed during one visit. It saves time and makes it more convenient for the patient!


At Baltic Ortho Clinic, we offer patients endodontic treatment under a microscope performed by experienced specialists. What are the different stages of treatment?


Microscopic endodontic treatment is always preceded by precise diagnostics. The dentist performs a basic examination of the patient’s oral cavity and orders X-ray diagnostics. It is necessary to assess the condition of the tooth and periapical tissues, as well as to determine the number and location of root canals, detect their possible branches, anatomical anomalies, etc.

pacjentka podczas zabiegu stomatologicznego
piękne zęby po naszych zabiegach


At Baltic Ortho Clinic, we attach great importance to ensuring that each procedure is painless for the patient and as little stressful as possible. Therefore, we use the most modern, effective methods of anesthesia – in the case of root canal treatment, topical anesthesia is sufficient: neural or intraligamentary.


After anesthesia, the dentist can proceed to the main root canal treatment. He opens the tooth chamber and, using the magnification provided by the microscope, removes the diseased pulp with the use of specialized tools, thoroughly disinfects the canals along their entire length and fills them with gutta-percha.

leczenie dentystyczne
zęby po wybielaniu


After the canals are developed, the dentist rebuilds the tooth crown – thanks to this, the tooth retains its full functionality and aesthetic appearance.


Patients interested in modern microscopic endodontic treatment are welcome to our Baltic Ortho Clinic! We work with the use of the most modern equipment, and the whole therapy is conducted by a highly qualified and experienced specialist. Call or write to us and make an appointment!

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