Removal of wisdom teeth and other teeth.

Removal of wisdom teeth and other teeth.

The wide range of our clinic’s services also includes the removal of wisdom teeth. We perform treatments at the highest level, ensuring an individual approach to each patient, constant care before, during and after the procedure, as well as a transparent and fair price list. We make every effort to ensure that a dental visit in our clinic is not only efficient and painless, but also comfortable.


Third molars, commonly called wisdom teeth, very often contribute to various dental problems. They translate, among others, into the curvature of the adjacent teeth, the formation of caries, recurrent inflammation or damage to the tooth tissue. For this reason, many people are forced to have their last teeth removed. In some cases, however, third molars are properly erupted and do not cause any problems, so they can be left. However, this decision should be made by a specialist. In our clinic, we will thoroughly examine the condition of your teeth and assess whether it is necessary to remove the wisdom tooth. Gdynia is a city where you can use our services. We also cordially invite patients from other Polish cities, who focus on the high quality of services provided.

Are you looking for a dental clinic that will professionally and painlessly remove teeth? With us you will get rid of your dental problem and the pain associated with it. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and contact Baltic Ortho Clinic specialists – we will be happy to answer your questions.


We invite you to the Baltic Ortho Clinic – contact us for a consultation and our team of specialists will help you regain full functionality and aesthetics of your smile!

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