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Baltic Ortho Clinic

We specialize in treatment using the least invasive orthodontics (Invisalign), in prosthetics (aesthetic dentistry) and in implantology. We are characterized by an individual approach to the patient, constant care during treatment and flexibility in payments. During the consultation, each patient receives a detailed treatment plan, a full cost estimate and the expected duration of the treatment.



dentystka dr Karina Pyc-Choduń

Dentist Karina Pyc Choduń

A graduate of the Medical University of Lublin.

A doctor with over 17 years of experience in treating orthodontic patients of all ages, one of the first certified Invisalign doctors in Poland. A graduate of the most prestigious orthodontic courses in Poland and abroad, an active member of Polish Orthodontic Society and FACE. Privately, she is a super mom of twin girls, and her passion is motorization and motorcycle trips.

dentystka dr Patrycja Warmowska

Dentist Patrycja Warmowska

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, medical stomatological studies of the Medical University of Gdańsk, which she graduated with honors. During her studies, she received the Rector's Scientific Scholarship multiple times.

Certified Invisalign doctor. She completed a 2-year theoretical-practical orthodontic program, implemented in Italy and Warsaw. Participant of numerous national and international trainings and courses in the field of orthodontics.

She restores a beautiful smile to patients with great passion and commitment. She conducts orthodontic treatment of children and adults.

Dentist Paweł Chmielowski

Graduated from the Medical University of Lublin in 2016.

He is a doctor specializing in prosthetic treatment and treatment of occlusal disorders. He regularly improves his qualifications by participating in numerous trainings and conferences. A graduate of the Implantology Curriculum of the Polish Implantology Association. At work, he pays great attention to the precise planning of comprehensive treatment. Privately, he is passionate about long journeys.

dentysta dr Grzegorz Iwanek

Dentist Grzegorz Iwanek

A graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin. Of all the fields of dentistry, he is most passionate about dental surgery and prosthetics. He constantly broadens his knowledge by participating in conferences and trainings in Poland and Europe. Raising qualifications, working with a microscope, accuracy or modern equipment are some of the many advantages that help him receive Patients at the highest possible level. In his daily work, he puts great emphasis on both aesthetics and functionality.

Privately, he is passionate about motorization and guitar playing. He likes sports and travelling.

Lek. Dent. Aleksandra Sidoryk

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Lek. Dent. Anna Ślusarczyk

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Lek. Dent. Karolina Konopka

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Lek. Dent. Barbara Jakóbczyk

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higienistka stomatologiczna Karina Półdworanin

Karolina Półdworanin

A certified and qualified dental hygienist with many years of experience. Participant of numerous dental courses. At work, she takes an individual approach to the patient. She tries to surround him with care to make him feel safe and comfortable. At the clinic, she performs preventive and therapeutic treatments as well as whitening. She assists doctors in prosthetic, surgical and implant prosthetic procedures.
właściciel klinki Baltic Ortho Clinic - Marcin Więckiewicz

Marcin Więckiewicz


Since 2006, he has been associated with the Dentistry industry, and specifically with the field of Orthodontics. Since 2008, co-owner of Ortho Group Sp. z o.o., the exclusive distributor of American orthodontic products throughout Poland and in 11 European countries. For 15 years, he has been organizing orthodontic courses for orthodontists in Poland and Europe, through foreign and domestic lecturers. A frequent participant in orthodontic conferences and symposiums, including AAO held in the USA, and multiple participant in the largest dental fair in the world - IDS held in Cologne. Out of passion for dentistry, in 2016 he founded his first dental clinic, Ortho Esthetica in Konstancin-Jeziorna near Warsaw. After 5 years of dynamic development, the clinic was acquired by Medicover. In 2021, he founded another unique dental clinic, the Baltic Ortho Clinic, which is intended to combine the satisfaction of each patient and the entire clinic team, using the latest and innovative treatment techniques. His passion is also sport, traveling and motorization.
managerka kliniki Paula Gryz

Paula Gryz


The manager of the clinic defended her diploma thesis entitled "Assessment of physical attractiveness in adults after orthodontic tooth correction" at SWPS University in Sopot.

At Baltic Ortho Clinic, she is responsible for comprehensive management of the clinic. She makes sure that the office functions perfectly.

She is focused on the needs of Patients and willingly answers any questions they may have.

Her strengths are interpersonal skills and organizational sense, which help her coordinate the work of the entire team. Traveling is her passion.


Our clinic is a place of comprehensive treatment friendly to everyone who appreciates high quality, honesty and comfort. The best reward for us is the satisfaction of our patients, for whom the metamorphosis of a smile is a change not only in the visual but also in the emotional field.

We are located in Orłowo – a seaside district of Gdynia, right by the sea. In addition to a friendly location, we also have an underground car park.

We are at your service at any time. We work with passion and we have been doing it for years!

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