Preventive dentistry

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Prevention is better than cure – also in dentistry! Tooth and gum diseases are largely preventable, and the most important element of dental prophylaxis is proper oral hygiene, both at home and professionally. At Baltic Ortho Clinic, we offer our patients a wide range of preventive dentistry treatments, such as ultrasonic scaling, sandblasting, polishing and fluoridation.

includes various types of professional hygienization procedures performed by a dentist or dental hygienist, the purpose of which is to thoroughly clean the teeth of tartar and deposits, remove deposits of cariogenic bacteria and protect the teeth against their harmful effects. Thanks to this, the risk of developing caries and periodontal diseases can be significantly reduced.


We invite all patients who want to professionally take care of their oral hygiene in a nice atmosphere, using the latest achievements of modern dentistry to visit the Baltic Ortho Clinic.


It’s a procedure of removing mineralized, hard tartar, which is deposited most often around the tooth necks and in hard-to-reach places, e.g. in interdental spaces. In Baltic Ortho Clinic, we perform scaling using ultrasounds – these are very high-frequency sounds inaudible to the human ear, generating vibrations. The tip of the scaler transmits these vibrations to the surface of the teeth, thanks to which the tartar crumbles and chips off the surface of the teeth, but without damaging the enamel. Compared to other methods of tartar removal, ultrasonic scaling is more comfortable for the patient, more accurate and efficient.

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Preventive dentistry is also a teeth sandblasting procedure, i.e. removal of tartar and plaque residues after scaling. Sandblasting consists in directing a stream of special dental sand mixed with water under high pressure to the teeth. The mixture sprayed in the mouth reaches even the deepest recesses and surfaces of the teeth, removing tartar, plaque and minor discolorations. Finally, the sand is sucked out of the mouth.


After scaling and sandblasting, it is worth performing a teeth polishing procedure. During it, with the help of specialized erasers and brushes, as well as professional polishing paste, the surface of each tooth is thoroughly polished. This allows for even more precise cleaning of the teeth, but also for smoothing their surface, thanks to which deposits and tartar build up more slowly. The treatment is completely painless.

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After a comprehensive, very precise cleaning of the teeth and their polishing, it is time to protect them against caries-causing bacteria. Fluoride, an element found in toothpastes and mouthwashes, has such properties. Fluoridation consists in applying to the teeth preparations containing fluoride in a higher, but strictly defined concentration. Typically, these preparations are in the form of a varnish or gel. Their application helps to prevent caries in children and adults (also secondary caries, e.g. during orthodontic treatment) and supports enamel remineralization.


Preventive dentistry is not only professional treatments, but also … science! At the end of the visit, the patient is instructed on proper oral hygiene – they learn how to brush their teeth properly, what brushing technique to use, and how to floss their teeth properly. A dentist or hygienist will also help in choosing the right toothpaste and toothbrush.

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Preventive dentistry treatments should be permanently included in the health calendars of each patient – as in the case of other preventive examinations, e.g. blood, the key to their effectiveness is regularity. It is recommended to perform them at least twice a year, although in some patients (smokers, people drinking large amounts of coffee and tea) more frequent hygienization is indicated, even three or four times a year.

One more thing must not be forgotten. During the preventive visit, it is possible to easily detect any minor carious cavities or the initial stages of periodontitis. When diagnosed in the early stages of development, they can be treated much faster and in a less invasive way for the patient.


At Baltic Ortho Clinic, you will take care of your oral health in a comprehensive way! We provide the care of a team of experienced specialists, access to modern preventive and therapeutic treatments and an individual approach to each patient. Contact us and arrange a visit at a convenient time!

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