Prosthodontics: dentures, veneers

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What is prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry that deals with the reconstruction functional and aesthetical of damaged and lost teeth – both as a result of caries and, for example, mechanical injuries. We offer modern, effective and painless prosthetic treatment in our Baltic Ortho Clinic – we provide the care of a team of experienced dentists, individual approach to each patient and access to the latest technologies. With us you will regain a beautiful smile!

There are various types of treatment methods, thanks to which it is possible to rebuild cracked, chipped, broken teeth and to a greater or lesser extent damaged by caries, as well as supplement missing teeth – both single and multiple. Thanks to modern technologies and innovative materials, contemporary prosthodontics offers durable, functional and aesthetic solutions – they perfectly replace natural teeth in terms of, for example, biting and chewing, and also allow you to regain a nice smile.

At Baltic Ortho Clinic, we provide patients with comprehensive prosthetic assistance – starting from initial consultations and examinations of the oral cavity, through diagnostic imaging, visualizations of planned works on wax-up models, to the main treatment. Our work is always based on a holistic approach to the patient – we want to get to know your problems and expectations in order to choose the best treatment methods for you, so that the obtained results are aesthetically and functionally satisfactory.


Prosthodontics at Baltic Ortho Clinic means modern procedures performed by experienced dentists, always tailored to the individual needs of the patient. What services can you use with us?


Veneers are one of the most commonly used solutions thanks to which you can quickly and effectively protect minor mechanical damage (e.g. cracks), as well as improve the aesthetics of the smile. Veneers are thin flakes of dental materials (in our clinic we use all-ceramic veneers, which are the most durable and aesthetic), which are glued to the front surfaces of the teeth – this allows them to mask discoloration, improve the shape of the tooth, protect enamel cracks, etc.

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Modern prosthetics is a series of solutions thanks to which it is possible to rebuild even very damaged crowns of natural teeth. This is possible thanks to prosthetic crowns – their task is to replace natural crowns, and thus improve the functionality and aesthetics of the masticatory system. They are fixed on previously treated, gently ground patient’s own teeth, and if this is not possible – also on implants. In Baltic Ortho Clinic we offer the highest quality all-ceramic crowns, distinguished by excellent durability and the highest aesthetic values.


Crown-root inlays are constructions that are used in patients with a heavily damaged tooth crown, and at the same time with a healthy root or a previously treated root canal. The crown-root inlay is fixed in the root tissues, thanks to which it becomes a kind of pillar on which a damaged crown can be rebuilt. Treatment with this type of solution may include the use of standard inserts made of glass or carbon fibers, as well as individual inserts prepared in a prosthetic laboratory based on an impression taken from the patient.

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Inlays and onlays are special types of fillings that are used in the case of teeth with very extensive prosthetic cavities, when a standard filling is not an option. They allow for a very accurate reconstruction of the anatomical shape of the tooth, with all its curvatures, which gives an excellent functional and aesthetic effect. Inlay/onlay fillings are made in a prosthetic laboratory based on an impression taken from the patient.


Frame dentures are one of the most modern prosthetic solutions, allowing to replace multiple missing teeth with maximum comfort of use and lack of side effects within the base tissues and the patient’s own preserved teeth. Frame dentures are partial – they are made of acrylic to a small extent, and their main part are metal clasps that rest on healthy teeth and stabilize the denture in the desired position. They are recommended for patients who cannot use dental implants or prosthetic bridges, but at the same time have their own teeth preserved, on which a denture frame can be attached.

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It allows the reconstruction of teeth damaged to such an extent that they do not qualify for standard conservative treatment and the supplementation of single and multiple missing teeth. Thanks to this, you can regain the ability to eat normally, as well as improve the aesthetics of the smile. Unifying the color of teeth, masking difficult-to-remove discolorations and supplementing missing teeth makes patients regain their well-being, self-confidence and joy of life!


At the Baltic Ortho Clinic, we provide the care of an experienced team of dentists and an individual approach to each patient. We have the most modern dental methods and materials at our disposal, thanks to which we help even patients with really difficult cases. Don’t wait and make an appointment for a consultation – we will help you regain a beautiful smile!

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