We want every patient to get the smile they deserve! That is why we take care of every aspect of treatment, focusing on individual adjustment of treatments to the patient’s face. Each transformation is the result of accurate diagnosis, planning, comprehensive approach and the use of appropriate techniques.

See what smile metamorphoses our patients have undergone!


efekty przed i po zabiegu w naszej klinice

3-hour metamorphosis of our patient. Composite reconstruction (bonding) allows for a metamorphosis of the appearance even during one visit! In our patient, the shape of the upper incisors was completely changed, providing a phenomenal appearance of the teeth.

All-ceramic veneers in the upper arch and bridges in the lateral section were made in the patient. Imperfections and discolorations on the tooth surface were completely masked, and the shape of the teeth was improved. The whole treatment took a month!

efekty przed i po zabiegu w naszej klinice
przed i po zabiegu w naszej klinice

A 40-year-old patient came to us because of abrasion of the upper and lower teeth. During the therapy, all-ceramic veneers in the anterior section and all-ceramic onlays on the molars were made. In the lower arch, restorations were made with composite material using the flow injection method. The treatment process took 2 months!