Dental surgery

leczenie dentystyczne

What is dental surgery?

Dental surgery is a field of dentistry in which surgical procedures are performed within the hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. In our Baltic Ortho Clinic, we perform i.a. tooth extractions, extractions of wisdom teeth and excision of lesions with histopathological examination. Feel free to contact us!

At first, dental surgery may be associated with extensive, very serious craniofacial surgeries performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting. In fact, however, dental surgery is also a series of minor procedures that are performed on an outpatient basis in a dentist’s office using local anaesthesia.

Of course, it should be remembered that practically all dental surgery procedures are preceded by diagnostic imaging – most often it is a point X-ray, sometimes a panoramic picture or computed tomography. An initial consultation is also necessary – our specialist conducts a medical interview with the patient and performs a basic examination of the oral cavity during it.


As part of dental surgery, our clinic performs tooth extractions, extractions of wisdom teeth, closure of the oro-sinus fistula and excision of lesions along with histopathological examination.

Removal (extraction) of the tooth – is a procedure involving the complete removal of the tooth (crown and root) from the socket. In modern dentistry, it is a last resort, because thanks to conservative, endodontic and prosthetic treatments, even very damaged teeth, which until recently were qualified for removal, can be saved. Among the most common indications for tooth extraction are very advanced caries, preventing the implementation of conservative treatment, pulp gangrene and necrosis in multi-rooted teeth, tooth position outside the arch (without the possibility of orthodontic treatment), oblique or longitudinal root fracture.

pacjentka podczas zabiegu stomatologicznego
zęby po wybielaniu

Removal (extraction) of wisdom teeth – i.e. third molars. They are not needed for functional reasons, but they grow most often between the age of 16 and 25 – for this reason they are also referred to as wisdom teeth. Very often, there is not enough space in the mouth, so they grow only partially, erupt crookedly, press adjacent teeth, irritate mucous membranes, etc. Due to their location deep in the mouth, wisdom teeth are also difficult to treat conservatively and endodontically. For this reason, they are qualified for removal in many patients.

Closure of the oro-sinus fistula – an oro-sinus fistula (connection) is a complication after apical resection, removal of tooth roots and extraction of molars and premolars. Tooth root apices are separated from the maxillary sinus by a thin layer of bone tissue and mucous membrane, and in the case of tooth extraction, the fistula may open. This can lead to inflammation that is dangerous to health, which is why surgical intervention is needed. The doctor incises the mucoperiosteal flap, moves it to the fistula and sutures the wound.

leczenie dentystyczne
pacjentka podczas zabiegu dentystycznego

Excision of the lesion with histopathological examination – in the oral cavity, as in any other part of the body, various types of changes can develop: warts, fibromas, angiomas, leukoplakia, lichen and others. If there are indications, the lesion should be completely removed or a biopsy should be taken and the tissue subjected to histopathological examination. This allows to clearly determine whether it is not malicious.


At the Baltic Ortho Clinic, all dental surgery procedures are performed under local anesthesia – thanks to this, pain can be reduced to a minimum or even completely eliminated. Depending on the nature and extent of the procedure, it may take from about 40 minutes to two hours.

After the procedure, our specialist provides the patient with comprehensive instructions on how to proceed – the oral cavity may be swollen and edematous, it may be advisable to use cool compresses, avoid eating hot and hard foods and use a toothbrush with very soft bristles. Sometimes antibiotic therapy is also implemented.


We invite you to Baltic Ortho Clinic for dental surgery procedures performed under anesthesia – always with an individual approach to the patient. We perform diagnostic imaging on site, and our team of experienced specialists also provides the patient with comprehensive post-treatment care. Contact us and arrange a visit at a convenient time!

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